1Password to ditch passwords soon

1Password has announced that start­ing this sum­mer, you will be able to log in with­out a pass­word. This fol­lows the moves of Google and Apple last year.

A pass­code replaces a pass­word by pro­vid­ing a unique dig­i­tal key that is stored local­ly on your device. It can also be inte­grat­ed with bio­met­ric secu­ri­ty such as fin­ger­print and facial recognition.

1Password’s Access Keys are “based on the same secu­ri­ty” as Pri­vate Keys, the lengthy recov­ery codes that the plat­form gen­er­ates as alter­na­tive login options.

“Your pass­word is all you need to log into 1Password, unlock your vault and secure­ly access your data,” the com­pa­ny explains in a blog post.

“The num­ber of sites and ser­vices that sup­port passkeys is increas­ing every week, but if you want to get start­ed quick­ly, or if you have to rely on pass­words for a while, please use it.”

“Pass­words are strong and unique by default, unlike pass­words you cre­ate. They are gen­er­at­ed and stored on your device and are nev­er shared with our cloud ser­vices,” the com­pa­ny said.

“Access keys are also phish­ing-resis­tant, have 256 bits of entropy to pre­vent decryp­tion, and offer even greater pro­tec­tion than pri­vate keys. They are pro­tect­ed by bio­met­rics and hard­ware-lev­el secu­ri­ty , mak­ing it portable across all devices and platforms.

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