Both Canada and the United States are facing labor shortages

In just 10 years, one out of every two work­ers in Cana­da will retire. To com­bat a loom­ing labor short­age, the Cana­di­an gov­ern­ment announced in Novem­ber that it will accept 1.45 mil­lion immi­grants by 2025, 60% of whom will gain urgent­ly need­ed job skills such as health care.

In the Unit­ed States, mean­while, sim­i­lar immi­gra­tion bills have stalled as Repub­li­cans thwart Demo­c­rat efforts to encour­age an influx of skilled work­ers until they go fur­ther to secure the U.S.-Mexico border.

The U.S. has about ten times the pop­u­la­tion of Cana­da, but data from the U.S. Cit­i­zen­ship and Immi­gra­tion Ser­vice and Canada’s New Pol­i­cy Mak­ers show the num­ber of legal labor immi­grants Cana­da will receive each year for the next three years in 2022. They said they accept­ed the same num­ber (about 275,000).

Dur­ing the final ses­sion of the U.S. Con­gress, which end­ed in Decem­ber, a bill to increase the num­ber of for­eign-born entre­pre­neurs, high­ly skilled work­ers, microchip man­u­fac­tur­ers and farm­ers could get enough votes to enact leg­is­la­tion. could not.

The only House bill to pass, the Farm Work­force Mod­ern­iza­tion Act, was opposed by 30 Repub­li­cans and one Demo­c­rat. A vote in the Sen­ate has not yet tak­en place.

At the same time, Canada’s two major polit­i­cal par­ties, Prime Min­is­ter Justin Trudeau’s Lib­er­al Par­ty and the oppo­si­tion Con­ser­v­a­tive Par­ty, describe them­selves as pro-immigration.

Prime Min­is­ter Trudeau has broad sup­port for new immi­gra­tion tar­gets focused on open­ing the door for refugees and low-skilled work­ers, as well as attract­ing high-skilled work­ers in fields such as health care and technology. .

Demo­c­ra­t­ic Rep. Zoe Lof­gren, then chair­man of the House Judi­cia­ry Sub­com­mit­tee on Immi­gra­tion and Cit­i­zen­ship, intro­duced two bills to increase employ­ment-based visas, but nei­ther passed the House.

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