Hold Up, Mickey D’s: Is This $5 Meal Deal the Real Deal?

Hold Up, Mickey D's: Is This $5 Meal Deal the Real Deal?
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McDon­ald’s is throw­ing a burg­er, fries, drink, and nuggets par­ty for just $5! But wait, there’s a catch (isn’t there always?). Here’s the low­down on this lim­it­ed-time offer that has Gen Z buzzing with questions.

Short & Sweet Deal? This sum­mer, some McDon­ald’s loca­tions in the US will offer this $5 meal steal, but only for a month (June 25th — bum­mer!). Plus, some stores might skip the par­ty due to high rent and labor costs.

Prof­its or Hype? While McDon­ald’s raked in a whop­ping $14.5 bil­lion last year, some folks are clown­ing around online because this “deal” feels more like a flash­back to cheap­er times. Tweets like “This used to be $3!” are sum­ming up the frustration.

Who’s Foot­ing the Bill? Even cra­zier, Coca-Cola is chip­ping in for this pro­mo­tion. This has cus­tomers say­ing “Hold on a sec,” because should­n’t a mul­ti-bil­lion dol­lar com­pa­ny be able to afford this themself?

So, is it Worth the Hype? McDon­ald’s CEO gets it — peo­ple want afford­able eats. This deal is sup­posed to win back bud­get-mind­ed fans. But the short run and ongo­ing price hikes leave many uncon­vinced. Will this be enough to sat­is­fy hun­gry cus­tomers in a crazy expen­sive world? Only time will tell.

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