‘Blind Side’ Payday Allegations Called Into Question as Lawyer Drops Bombshell

'Blind Side' Payday Allegations Called Into Question as Lawyer Drops _attorney Randy Fishman speaking on a microphone

A con­tentious feud between NFL star-turned-film star Michael Oher and his for­mer guardian fam­i­ly, the Tuo­hys, is heat­ing up after shock­ing new claims. 

Oher filed legal action accus­ing the fam­i­ly who raised him of using a con­ser­va­tor­ship to prof­it off his sto­ry with­out com­pen­sa­tion. How­ev­er, Tuo­hy fam­i­ly lawyers are fir­ing back, brand­ing the alle­ga­tions a shame­ful extor­tion attempt.

In a explo­sive state­ment, attor­ney Randy Fish­man insist­ed Oher had received the same $100k pay­out from The Blind Side as all oth­er Tuo­hy fam­i­ly mem­bers. Fish­man added a “sim­ple account­ing process” would debunk the accu­sa­tions. Even Blind Side author Michael Lewis backed the Tuo­hy ver­sion of events. Mean­while, pas­sages from Oher’s own mem­oir sug­gest he under­stood the legal con­ser­va­tor­ship arrange­ment and con­sid­ered the Tuo­hys family.

As the unearthed evi­dence piles up seem­ing­ly con­tra­dict­ing Oher’s peti­tion, many are left won­der­ing what’s tru­ly behind this acri­mo­nious split between a famous fam­i­ly after years of estrange­ment. With bomb­shell denials, cryp­tic accu­sa­tions and a rela­tion­ship now in legal tat­ters, many ques­tions linger around the messy saga shred­ding the heart­warm­ing sto­ry that once cap­ti­vat­ed mil­lions on the big screen.

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