Bradley Cooper Bares All on Cocaine Hell: ‘I Was Weeks From Dying’

Bradley Cooper Bares All on Cocaine Hell 'I Was Weeks From Dying'_Bradley Cooper with a blue suit smiling

Bradley Coop­er has sen­sa­tion­al­ly revealed he came with­in inch­es of death dur­ing his cocaine and alco­hol addic­tion nightmare.

The “Hang­over” megas­tar, 48, laid bare his out-of-con­trol drug abuse in a bomb­shell tell-all on TV sur­vival­ist Bear Grylls’ hit show.

Asked by Grylls, 49, about his “wild years”, Coop­er con­fessed: “In terms of alco­hol and drugs, yeah. But I was lucky. I got sober at 29 years old and I’ve been sober for 19 years.”

He went on: “I was weeks from dying. I sev­ered my Achilles ten­don and got fired from ‘Alias’. I was so des­per­ate I even drank in the morn­ing and did loads of coke.

“I have my room­mate Will Arnett to thank for drag­ging me to rehab in 2004. He saved my life.”

Coop­er also revealed he hit rock bot­tom again after his dad died in his arms from lung can­cer in 2011.

He said: “I had a nihilis­tic atti­tude to life. I thought ‘I’m going to die’. For a bit, it wasn’t great.

“But I knew I had to embrace who I was and find peace with that. Thank God I made it through.”

Coop­er chan­neled his addict past into his Oscar-nom­i­nat­ed role oppo­site Lady Gaga in 2018’s ‘A Star Is Born’.

He said: “It made it eas­i­er to real­ly let myself go. Thank good­ness I was at a place where I could do that.”

Next up for Coop­er is con­tro­ver­sial Net­flix flick ‘Mae­stro’ — in which he wears a mas­sive fake nose to play Leonard Bernstein.

The pros­thet­ic has sparked a “Jew­face” row online, despite sup­port from Bern­stein’s kids.

Coop­er said: “I hope I keep get­ting these great roles. It’s been a real bless­ing for me.”

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