Channing Tatum Calls for Divorce Blitz vs. Jenna Dewan’s Split Strategy

Channing Tatum Calls for Divorce Blitz vs. Jenna Dewan's Split Strategy
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Chan­ning Tatum wants to set­tle ALL divorce issues with Jen­na Dewan in one shot! That’s right, instead of drag­ging things out over mul­ti­ple court dates (like Jen­na appar­ent­ly wants), Chan­ning’s push­ing for a one-and-done trial.

Hold on, why the rush? Chan­ning says they announced their split over 6 years ago and have already fig­ured out cus­tody for their daugh­ter, Ever­ly. He’s tried mul­ti­ple times to final­ize every­thing, but claims Jen­na’s not budging.

What’s left to fight over? Big stuff! They still got­ta work out child sup­port, spousal sup­port, and how to divide up their remain­ing assets.

Chan­ning says he’s been the nice guy. He claims he’s offered set­tle­ments, attend­ed medi­a­tion, and even sent over draft agree­ments, but Jen­na’s alleged­ly shut him down every time.

Plus, he’s already been sup­port­ing Ever­ly! Even though they haven’t for­mal­ized any­thing, Chan­ning says he’s been pay­ing for most of Ever­ly’s big expens­es, like school and health insurance.

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