Spider-Man: No Way Home climbs to surpass Avatar at the domestic box office.

Spi­der-Man: No Way Home con­tin­ues to rock­et to suc­cess, with Mar­vel’s recent sequel now sur­pass­ing sci-fi epic Avatar at the domes­tic box office. Spi­der-Man: No Way Home has now amassed an extreme­ly impres­sive domes­tic total of $761 mil­lion, sur­pass­ing Avatar’s $760.5 mil­lion, mak­ing Spi­der-Man’s release the No. 3 film of all time.

Of course, Avatar still holds the top spot world­wide with a mon­strous $2.84 bil­lion in rev­enue. Right behind Avatar is anoth­er Mar­vel movie, Avengers: Endgame, which man­aged to accu­mu­late $2.79 bil­lion. Spi­der-Man: No Way Home also con­tin­ues to climb in these rank­ings, cur­rent­ly sit­ting at No. 6 and earn­ing $1.8 bil­lion, with Avengers: Infin­i­ty War, Star Wars: The Force Awak­ens and Titan­ic above it.

The achieve­ment of Spi­der-Man: No Way Home is even more impres­sive giv­en that the MCU film was not released in Chi­na, a mar­ket that has become extreme­ly influ­en­tial in recent years.

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