CINEMA: Christian Bale is named the best Batman of all time by a new fan poll.

Fans will for­ev­er debate who the great­est Bat­man of all time real­ly is, but once again Chris­t­ian Bale stands tall in a pop­u­lar fan poll. GameSpot recent­ly polled 292,254 peo­ple to name the best Bat­man of all time, with the options being Adam West, Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, and Chris­t­ian Bale. Bat­man and Robin star George Clooney isn’t list­ed, though he’s wide­ly con­sid­ered the least pop­u­lar incar­na­tion of Bat­man, which is like­ly why he was left out.

Bale, star of The Dark Knight tril­o­gy, won by a land­slide with 66% of the vote. The DCEU’s Bat­man, Ben Affleck, was pret­ty far behind as the first run­ner-up with 13%. He was fol­lowed by Michael Keaton, who pre­vi­ous­ly starred in Tim Bur­ton’s Bat­man films and will return as Bat­girl and The Flash, as he was in third place with 12% of the vote. The orig­i­nal live-action Bat­man Adam West came fourth with 9%.

This list notably does­n’t include Robert Pat­tin­son, but that’s obvi­ous­ly because The Bat­man has­n’t been released yet. We got a glimpse of his per­for­mance through the trail­ers, and he looks promis­ing in the role through the eyes of many fans. Even so, it would­n’t be fair to com­pare his por­tray­al of Bat­man to those pre­vi­ous iter­a­tions before the movie was released, giv­ing us a com­plete pic­ture of the next Dark Knight.

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