CINEMA: Pornstar Joey Ray has died aged 51 after shooting himself.

The vet­er­an adult movie star, who has appeared in more than 700 films, was found dead on Sat­ur­day night.

His col­league Seth Gam­ble told AVN that award-win­ning Ray, who start­ed his porn career in 2000, has a “heart of gold.”

He said: “I met him when I was 18.”

“It was kind of like, let’s take this kid under our wing and show him what we know, good and bad.

“I was green when I first met them, and they def­i­nite­ly showed me how to tough­en my skin for the indus­try we’re in.

“He was one of the fun­ni­est guys I ever knew. He was a cre­ative guy, he loved being in the busi­ness, he had a heart of gold.”

But he added that he had­n’t seen Ray “for a few years because he was on the wrong track.”

Porn actor and direc­tor Dale DaBone said, “I don’t even know what to think right now.

“It was easy when I kind of cut it all off, I was think­ing about all the bad things that hap­pened, but now the only thing I can think about is 25 years of all the fun­ny, crazy bull­shit. and stu­pid that we used to do.

“We’ve always been sup­port­ive of each oth­er. All of those times, that’s all I can think of right now.”

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