CINEMA: Winston Duke gets a big pay raise for Black Panther 2.

Say what you want, but Win­ston Duke would have seen his role great­ly expand­ed in Black Pan­ther: Wakan­da For­ev­er. Appear­ing in the orig­i­nal film a M’Baku, Duke is one of many stars from the pre­miere to reprise their roles. Accord­ing to The Hol­ly­wood Reporter, Duke’s salary for the sequel recent­ly increased sig­nif­i­cant­ly after the actor report­ed­ly nego­ti­at­ed a hefty pay raise for an “expand­ed” role in the new film. It remains to be seen exact­ly what this will entail.

It was also report­ed that Leti­tia Wright is back on set to resume film­ing her scenes as Shuri. She had suf­fered an injury on set last fall that turned out to be more seri­ous than ini­tial­ly thought, requir­ing months of recov­ery. There were rumors float­ing around that she might be leav­ing the project, but that does­n’t seem to be the case with the actress back at work just yet. The film­ing sched­ule had been changed to allow Wright to ful­ly recov­er and it’s pos­si­ble this may have giv­en Duke more screen time.

Lupi­ta Nyong’o, Danai Guri­ra, Mar­tin Free­man and Angela Bas­sett are also back for the sequel. The film also fea­tures Dominique Throne as Riri Williams, aka Iron­heart. Ryan Coogler is back in the direc­tor’s chair and co-wrote the screenplay.

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