Comedienne Cheats Death: Lauren Miller Rogen’s Secret Brain Surgery

Comedienne Cheats Death: Lauren Miller Rogen's Secret Brain Surgery
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Come­di­enne Lau­ren Miller Rogen learned she had an enlarg­ing aneurysm grow­ing in her head dur­ing a brain scan. Doc­tors found the bulge due to her fam­i­ly’s his­to­ry of demen­tia that robbed her great-grand­moth­er and moth­er’s memories.

Five years lat­er, anoth­er MRI revealed the aneurysm active­ly expand­ing with­in Lau­ren’s brain. She con­sult­ed famous neu­ro­sur­geon Dr. Geof­frey Col­by of UCLA who answered her ques­tions about the impend­ing surgery. She trust­ed his exper­tise to remove the threat­en­ing bulge.

Last spring, the bulging aneurysm began wors­en­ing inside Lau­ren’s brain. Dr. Col­by and his team sprang into action, per­form­ing urgent brain surgery to extract the growth before harm occurred.

Prais­ing the tal­ent­ed sur­geon and hos­pi­tal staff for their excel­lent care after the scary oper­a­tion, Lau­ren jok­ing­ly thanked them for allow­ing her to avoid an ear­ly death. Their rapid response helped her con­tin­ue enter­tain­ing audi­ences with her jokes.

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