Danny Trejo’s Faithful Chihuahua Dixie Passes Away at 16

Danny Trejo's Faithful Chihuahua Dixie Passes Away at 16
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Dan­ny Tre­jo is mourn­ing the loss of his beloved Chi­huahua, Dix­ie, who he says remind­ed him of his clas­sic “Machete” character. 

The 16-year-old pup passed away this week, leav­ing the actor heart­bro­ken but also filled with joy over the smiles and laughs she pro­vid­ed dur­ing her life.

Tre­jo tells TMZ that Dix­ie was a “mini-yet-mighty” dog who struck fear into the hearts of his oth­er pets, includ­ing pit bulls and Rottweilers.

The actor says fans were often baf­fled to see him with the tiny Chi­huahua, expect­ing him to be han­dling much larg­er, more intim­i­dat­ing canines. But Dix­ie was Tre­jo’s baby, and she ran the household.

Accord­ing to Tre­jo, Dix­ie most remind­ed him of his “Machete” char­ac­ter — she could be sweet, but you did­n’t want to cross her.

The actor broke the news of Dix­ie’s pass­ing on Insta­gram, writ­ing, “Hold your babies tight for me, please. Today I lost my lit­tle Dix­ie Wixie.”

Tre­jo, who has always been a dog lover, hopes that by shar­ing Dix­ie’s sto­ry, it will inspire some­one to go out and adopt a pet of their own. Dix­ie has been cre­mat­ed, and the fam­i­ly plans to hold a small gath­er­ing to hon­or the mem­o­ry of the feisty Chi­huahua who brought so much joy to the actor’s life.

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