Drama at the Coffee Shop: “Crackhead Barney” vs. Alec Baldwin

Drama at the Coffee Shop: "Crackhead Barney" vs. Alec Baldwin
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Hold up! You won’t believe this lat­est celeb dra­ma. Per­for­mance artist “Crack­head Bar­ney” (yep, that’s her name) claims actor Alec Bald­win went HAM on her at a NYC cof­fee shop. ☕️

Bar­ney, known for her one-eyed Bar­ney cos­tume (IYKYK), says Bald­win straight-up attacked her. She’s call­ing it “maim­ing,” but there’s no proof yet. A video of the whole thing is float­ing around, but it’s all yelling and confusion.

Bald­win, who’s been in hot water late­ly (you know the thing…), has­n’t said a peep about the inci­dent. Bar­ney, on the oth­er hand, is kind of a pro at this whole pub­lic freak-out thing. She’s got a his­to­ry of stir­ring up trou­ble. ‍♀️

So, what real­ly hap­pened? Was it a full-on brawl, or is Bar­ney blow­ing things out of pro­por­tion? We’ll have to wait and see! In the mean­time, this is def­i­nite­ly meme-wor­thy. #cof­feeclash #ale Bald­win #crack­head­bar­ney

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