Eddie Murphy Slams David Spade Over ‘Racist’ Joke About Him on ‘SNL’

Eddie Murphy Slams David Spade Over 'Racist' Joke About Him on 'SNL'
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In a new inter­view, leg­endary come­di­an Eddie Mur­phy is call­ing out for­mer “Sat­ur­day Night Live” cast mem­ber David Spade for a joke he made about Mur­phy on the show in 1995.

At the time, Spade quipped on the “Week­end Update” seg­ment that Mur­phy’s career was fail­ing after his film “Vam­pire in Brook­lyn” flopped at the box office, say­ing “Look chil­dren, it’s a falling star. Make a wish.”

Mur­phy, who was a reg­u­lar cast mem­ber on “SNL” from 1980 to 1984, said he felt the joke was “racist” and a “cheap shot.” He point­ed out that he was the “biggest thing that ever came off that show” and ques­tioned how the pro­duc­ers could have allowed such a jab.

“The show would have been off the air if I did­n’t go back on the show, and now you got some­body from the cast mak­ing a crack about my career? And I know that he can’t just say that,” Mur­phy told the New York Times’ “The Inter­view” podcast.

The feud between Mur­phy and Spade con­tin­ued for years, with Spade writ­ing in his mem­oir that Mur­phy called him and said, “David Spade, who the f–k do you think you are?!! Hon­est­ly? Who. The. F–k. Going after ME?? You dumb motherf–ker! I’m off-lim­its, don’t you know that?”

How­ev­er, Mur­phy said the two have since made amends, telling the pod­cast, “In the long run, it’s all good. Worked out great. I’m cool with David Spade. Cool with Lorne Michaels. I went back to ‘SNL.’ I’m cool with every­body. It’s all love.”

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