“ ‘General Hospital’ Star’s Ex-Fiancée Pleads with Killers: ‘You Shot the Wrong Guy’ ”

"'General Hospital' Star's Ex-Fiancée Pleads with Killers: 'You Shot the Wrong Guy'"
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In a heart­break­ing video, Tes­sa Far­rell, the for­mer fiancée of slain “Gen­er­al Hos­pi­tal” actor John­ny Wac­tor, deliv­ered an impas­sioned mes­sage to the crim­i­nals respon­si­ble for his mur­der, urg­ing them to turn them­selves in.

Wac­tor, 37, was killed ear­ly Sat­ur­day morn­ing in down­town Los Ange­les while shield­ing a female co-work­er from three armed rob­bers who were attempt­ing to steal his car’s cat­alyt­ic con­vert­er. The assailants remain at large.

Through tears, Far­rell addressed the killers direct­ly, say­ing, “If the per­son who did this, if you’re watch­ing, I’m sor­ry, but you shot the wrong guy. You can get a real job. 

I know the job mar­ket’s hard but we’re all in it togeth­er. You don’t have to steal — espe­cial­ly take a life over it.”

Far­rell, who dat­ed Wac­tor for sev­er­al years before they got engaged, expressed her grief over the loss of the man she described as hav­ing “found sobri­ety” and “taught [her] that” after their rela­tion­ship ended.

The dis­traught ex-fiancée then made a pas­sion­ate plea for the com­mu­ni­ty to come togeth­er and address the ris­ing crime lev­els that claimed Wac­tor’s life.

“These crim­i­nals can’t keep being on the street and they can’t keep being sent back and have no reper­cus­sions for their actions,” Far­rell said. “It’s not ok, this can’t keep hap­pen­ing. So many lives are being lost, just us not being smart — we have to be smarter as a community.”

Wac­tor, who played the role of Bran­do Corbin on the long-run­ning soap opera “Gen­er­al Hos­pi­tal,” is remem­bered by his for­mer part­ner as a car­ing indi­vid­ual who always did “the right thing.”

Far­rel­l’s heart­break­ing video serves as a poignant call to action, urg­ing the pub­lic and author­i­ties to con­front the esca­lat­ing vio­lence that has tak­en the life of yet anoth­er inno­cent victim.

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