Halle Berry Slapped With Whopping $8K Monthly Child Support in Settlement With Ex Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry Slapped With Whopping $8K Monthly Child Support_Halle Berry close to Olivier Martinez
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In a stun­ning devel­op­ment, Oscar win­ner Halle Berry has been ordered to pay a jaw-drop­ping $8,000 per month in child sup­port to ex-hus­band Olivi­er Mar­tinez as part of their bit­ter divorce set­tle­ment final­ized this week.

The A‑list actress, known for roles in block­busters like X‑Men, will also fork over 4.3% of any income over $2 mil­lion to the French actor under the rul­ing meant to sup­port their son Maceo, 9. Berry is fum­ing over being forced to foot the bill for the boy’s ritzy pri­vate school­ing and lav­ish extracurriculars.

This caps off years of con­tentious nego­ti­a­tions between the for­mer spous­es, who split in 2015 after a tur­bu­lent two-year mar­riage. Insid­ers say Mar­tinez played hard­ball to squeeze as much cash as pos­si­ble from his mega-rich ex dur­ing the proceedings.

For Berry, who also pays sup­port to mod­el Gabriel Aubry for their teen daugh­ter Nahla, this sting­ing finan­cial loss serves as yet anoth­er cau­tion­ary tale about the per­ils of Hol­ly­wood divorce. One thing’s for sure — her accoun­tants will be keep­ing a close eye on bud­gets thanks to her ex’s eye-pop­ping month­ly haul.

This set­tle­ment marks the final chap­ter in the for­mer cou­ple’s short-lived romance. Berry is said to be seek­ing solace from boyfriend Van Hunt as she adjusts to copar­ent­ing with her for­mer flame while writ­ing big checks. But will Mar­tinez’s wind­fall cause prob­lems mov­ing forward?

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