Jennifer Lopez Accused of Demanding “No Eye Contact” from Crew Members and Drivers

Jennifer Lopez Accused of Demanding "No Eye Contact" from Crew Members and Drivers
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Jen­nifer Lopez has been hit with more claims of “diva behav­ior” as her career and per­son­al life face a series of setbacks. 

The 54-year-old pop star is report­ed­ly grap­pling with a can­celled tour, rumored mar­i­tal woes with hus­band Ben Affleck, and accu­sa­tions that she is a “deeply unpleas­ant per­son” to work with.

Indus­try insid­ers have alleged that Lopez has a bizarre “no eye con­tact rule” when deal­ing with crew mem­bers and hired help. 

One work­er claimed that at one of her con­certs, all the staff were “strict­ly instruct­ed: DO. NOT. LOOK. AT. MS. LOPEZ. There’s to be NO. EYE. CONTACT.”

Sim­i­lar sto­ries have emerged, with one per­son alleg­ing that even limo dri­vers were told they could­n’t look at Lopez in the rearview mir­ror. An indus­try vet­er­an also shared a sto­ry about Lopez hav­ing a crew mem­ber kicked off a project for sim­ply look­ing her in the eyes.

The claims come after TV per­son­al­i­ty Meghan McCain brand­ed Lopez as a “deeply unpleas­ant per­son” and said the singer showed up with a big­ger entourage than “the Pres­i­dent” when she appeared on The View. McCain claimed Lopez was not a “nice, nor­mal per­son” based on her experiences.

The alle­ga­tions paint a pic­ture of a dif­fi­cult diva, as Lopez’s star pow­er appears to be wan­ing amid per­son­al and pro­fes­sion­al set­backs. The “no eye con­tact” rule in par­tic­u­lar has drawn sig­nif­i­cant crit­i­cism, fur­ther dam­ag­ing the singer’s pub­lic image.

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