Julia Fox: Celibacy for the Win! (2.5 Years Strong )

Julia Fox: Celibacy for the Win! (2.5 Years Strong )
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Move over rom-coms, Julia Fox is rewrit­ing the love sto­ry. The actress and queen of inde­pen­dence just revealed she’s been celi­bate for over 2.5 years, and guess what? She’s thriv­ing.

Sure, you might remem­ber her whirl­wind romance with Kanye West, but Fox says that was all pla­ton­ic. She’s sworn off men and is focus­ing on what tru­ly makes her hap­py: her­self.

Remem­ber all that pres­sure to find a man? Fox tossed it out the win­dow. She’s rock­ing moth­er­hood to her son Valenti­no and crush­ing her singing career. All this with­out need­ing val­i­da­tion from any­one. #boss­babe

Fox’s sto­ry is a pow­er­ful reminder that hap­pi­ness does­n’t have to come from a rela­tion­ship. She’s show­ing us that self-love and per­son­al growth can be incred­i­bly ful­fill­ing. So lis­ten up, Gen Z! If you’re feel­ing the pres­sure to cou­ple up, take a page from Fox’s book. You do you!

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