Nicole Kidman Reportedly Disappointed by Keith Urban’s Social Media Remarks About Addiction

Nicole Kidman Reportedly Disappointed by Keith Urban's Social Media Remarks About Addiction
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Acclaimed actress Nicole Kid­man is said to be dis­ap­point­ed with her hus­band, coun­try music star Kei­th Urban, fol­low­ing a recent social media post that has sparked concern. 

Urban, 56, referred to Ari­ana Grande’s song “We Can’t Be Friends” as “audi­ble hero­in” after per­form­ing an acoustic cov­er. He fur­ther empha­sized the com­par­i­son in an inter­view, stat­ing his inabil­i­ty to stop lis­ten­ing to the song and equat­ing it to the ille­gal drug.

This choice of words has caused raised eye­brows among fans and report­ed­ly with­in the cou­ple them­selves. Kid­man, 56, has been a pil­lar of sup­port for Urban through­out his past bat­tles with sub­stance abuse.

Accord­ing to an insid­er, the actress feels “dis­ap­point­ed” by her hus­band’s remarks, which report­ed­ly “brought back a very dark time” in their rela­tion­ship when his addic­tion issues almost led to their separation.

The source claims the cou­ple, who share daugh­ters Sun­day, 15, and Faith, 13, endured a dif­fi­cult peri­od due to Urban’s addic­tions. While Kid­man report­ed­ly would­n’t ask him to take down the post, she is said to be con­cerned about the mes­sage it might send to their chil­dren regard­ing sub­stance abuse.

Urban has open­ly dis­cussed his past strug­gles with alco­hol and drugs, acknowl­edg­ing the 2006 inter­ven­tion by Kid­man that proved instru­men­tal in his recov­ery. He has expressed his deep grat­i­tude for his wife’s sup­port dur­ing that chal­leng­ing time in their marriage.

How­ev­er, Urban’s recent com­ments about the Ari­ana Grande song appear to have struck a sen­si­tive chord with Kid­man. Her report­ed dis­ap­point­ment high­lights the ongo­ing chal­lenges and com­plex­i­ties of nav­i­gat­ing addic­tion recov­ery with­in a relationship. 

As a cou­ple, they have walked a dif­fi­cult path, and Kid­man’s response under­scores the con­tin­u­ous effort required to main­tain a healthy and sup­port­ive partnership.

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