Queen Kelly! Here’s Why She Schooled a Rude Staff Member at Cannes

Queen Kelly! Here's Why She Schooled a Rude Staff Member at Cannes
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Fierce singer Kel­ly Row­land had a red hot moment at Cannes, but not because of her killer dress! A video went viral show­ing Kel­ly shut­ting down a staff mem­ber who got way out of line. ‍♀️ Insid­ers are spilling the tea, and it turns out Kel­ly’s a queen who don’t play disrespect!

At the pre­miere of “Mar­cel­lo Mio,” Kel­ly looked amaz­ing in a red gown, slay­ing the red car­pet like always. But things went left when a staff mem­ber, sup­posed to be there to help, start­ed act­ing rude.

Accord­ing to sources, this per­son was being way too pushy and would­n’t let Kel­ly pose for pics with fans or the pap. Kel­ly tried to ignore it at first, but this per­son kept it up.

Enough was enough! Kel­ly shut down the staff mem­ber right there on the steps, let­ting them know she was­n’t here for their rude­ness. Mic. Drop. This isn’t the first time Kel­ly’s stood up for her­self. Back in Feb­ru­ary, she left an inter­view feel­ing disrespected.

‍♀️ Some say it was the dress­ing room, oth­ers say the inter­view­er was being shady. ☕ Either way, Kel­ly’s not afraid to speak her mind! ️

So, is Kel­ly a diva? We say slay on, queen! It’s impor­tant to stand up for your­self, and Kel­ly’s show­ing us how it’s done. ‍♀️ Who runs the world? Kel­ly Rowland! ✨

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