Russell Brand Dives into Faith with Baptism! Is It a Fresh Start?

Russell Brand Dives into Faith with Baptism! Is It a Fresh Start?
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Rus­sell Brand just dropped a bap­tism bomb on his Ins­ta! The come­di­an and pod­cast king is get­ting dunked, and he says it’s a chance to ditch the bag­gage (look­ing at you, past controversies ).

Brand shared the news with his mil­lions of fol­low­ers, even ask­ing bap­tized peeps to spill the tea on their expe­ri­ence. Then, things got deep. He men­tioned some­thing about bap­tism being a rebirth, a way to leave the past behind. Intrigu­ing, right?

Let’s be real, Brand’s past year has been a roller­coast­er. Remem­ber those sex­u­al assault alle­ga­tions that sur­faced last fall? Yeah, not a good look. Brand has vehe­ment­ly denied every­thing, but it sounds like he’s crav­ing a clean slate.

ICYMI (in case you missed it), Brand got ahead of the alle­ga­tions with a YouTube denial video back in Sep­tem­ber. Then, things got even cra­zier with a pos­si­ble police inves­ti­ga­tion in the UK (they nev­er named Brand, but every­one knew what was up).

Just two months ago, anoth­er anony­mous woman accused him of assault on the set of his movie “Arthur.” Yikes! Brand shut that down too. ‍♂

So, is bap­tism Brand’s way of hit­ting reset? A brand new Rus­sell Brand emerg­ing from the holy water? We’ll have to wait and see! Stay tuned for this faith jour­ney unfold!

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