Ruth E. Carter, first black woman to win two Academy Awards

Ruth E. Carter made his­to­ry: The cos­tume design­er for the “Black Pan­ther” films became the first black woman to win two Acad­e­my Awards.

Carter accept­ed the award for Best Cos­tume Design for Mar­vel’s sequel “Black Pan­ther: Wakan­da For­ev­er” at the 95th Annu­al Acad­e­my Awards Sun­day night. Carter also won the award in 2018 for Black Pan­ther, mak­ing her the first African-Amer­i­can to win in that category.

In her accep­tance speech, Carter thanked direc­tor Ryan Coogler for the film and said that Black Pan­ther star Chad­wick Bose­man could take care of her moth­er Mabel Carter, who passed away “in the past week.” asked if Bose­man died of can­cer in 2020 at the age of 43.

“This is for my mom. She was 101,” Carter said. “This movie pre­pared me for this moment. Say hel­lo to my mom, Chadwick.”

And Carter paid trib­ute to her moth­er backstage.

She said, “I had a great rela­tion­ship with her in her lat­er years. She’s always had the same rela­tion­ship. I was her trav­el­ing com­pan­ion. I was her road dog. I was her com­pan­ion.” it is,” she said. “She knows she’s proud of me. I think she want­ed this as much as I want­ed it.”

“Black Pan­ther: Wakan­da For­ev­er” deals with the grief of los­ing super­hero Boseman.

In her career, Carter has stood behind the cam­era in Hol­ly­wood block­busters. In addi­tion to Acad­e­my Award nom­i­na­tions for “Mal­colm X” direct­ed by Spike Lee and “Amis­tad” direct­ed by Steven Spiel­berg, “The But­ler” direct­ed by Lee Daniels, “Sel­ma” direct­ed by Ava DuVer­nay, “ROOTS” reboot He received acclaim for his peri­od dra­ma ensem­ble in projects such as edi­tions. She has also cre­at­ed cos­tumes for Oprah Win­frey, Den­zel Wash­ing­ton, Eddie Mur­phy, and even Jer­ry Sein­feld in the ‘Sein­feld’ pilot.

Carter will play an influ­en­tial role as lead cos­tume design­er to make Black Pan­ther a cul­tur­al phe­nom­e­non, bring­ing Wakan­da to life by infus­ing the pride of the African Dias­po­ra into the char­ac­ters’ sleek and col­or­ful cloth­ing. con­tributed to He want­ed to trans­form the pres­ence of Queen Ramon­da, played by Oscar-nom­i­nat­ed Angela Bas­sett, from queen in the first film to ruler in the sequel.

“Angela always want­ed to play the Queen, so she added her vibra­ni­um to ampli­fy her… She gave her the roy­al col­or pur­ple and when she wears the crown at the Unit­ed Nations I dec­o­rat­ed it with gold,” Carter said. “When I wear the crown at the Unit­ed Nations, I wear a gold dress. Angela, she’s got a gun, right?

Carter said she was able to earn her vic­to­ry amidst her “tough line-up.” She was up against the design­ers of Elvis, Mrs. Har­ris Goes to Paris, Every­thing Every­where at Once and Babylon.

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