‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Slams Bethenny Frankel for Lying About Her Salary

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Slams Bethenny Frankel for Lying About Her Salary_Bethenny Frankel

In a stun­ning rev­e­la­tion, ‘Van­der­pump Rules’ fan favorite Rachel Leviss is blast­ing noto­ri­ous real­i­ty TV queen Bethen­ny Frankel for total­ly mak­ing up claims about her income on the hit Bra­vo show. 

Dur­ing an appear­ance on Frankel’s “Just B” pod­cast, the Skin­ny­girl founder bold­ly stat­ed that Leviss made less than her interns — a state­ment fans and view­ers instant­ly doubt­ed giv­en Leviss’ grow­ing popularity.

How­ev­er, TMZ has since uncov­ered the truth — find­ing out from indus­try sources that Leviss earned a mas­sive $350k for her role in the recent­ly wrapped tenth sea­son alone.

That amounts to near­ly $20k per episode, refut­ing Frankel’s rude impli­ca­tion that Leviss was strug­gling finan­cial­ly. Leviss’ hefty pay­check clear­ly secured her posi­tion as a key ‘VR’ cast mem­ber, boost­ing her pro­file and val­ue with­in the real­i­ty TV world.

Frankel’s lies have right­ly sparked out­rage from Leviss’ sup­port­ers and ques­tions about Frankel’s reli­a­bil­i­ty. Some blame the false­hoods on Frankel admit­ting she nev­er watched the show her­self and lacked knowl­edge of its inner workings. 

Regard­less, her reck­less accu­sa­tions dis­tort the truth and harm Leviss’ rep­u­ta­tion. As Leviss’ star keeps ris­ing, she has right­ful­ly called out Frankel for the mis­lead­ing smear cam­paign, expos­ing anoth­er diva’s dis­hon­est tac­tics with­in the ruth­less world of real­i­ty tele­vi­sion fame.

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