CINEMA: Netflix is ​​denying a motion to dismiss the libel case in The Queen’s Gambit movie.


The stream­ing giant is accused of mis­rep­re­sent­ing “one of the most impor­tant pro­fes­sion­al achieve­ments” of chess mas­ter Nona Gaprindashvili.

She took issue with a line from the dra­ma where a char­ac­ter false­ly claims she “nev­er faced men.”

The lawyers said the mis­take had “tar­nished (his) per­son­al and pro­fes­sion­al rep­u­ta­tion” around the world.

The Queen’s Gam­bit, star­ring Anya Tay­lor-Joy, is the fic­tion­al­ized sto­ry of chess prodi­gy, Beth Har­mon. How­ev­er, it does fea­ture ref­er­ences to actu­al com­peti­tors, includ­ing Gaprindashvili.

In the final episode, a com­men­ta­tor com­pares Har­mon’s accom­plish­ments to Gaprindashvil­i’s, but says the lat­ter “has nev­er faced men” in competition.

Net­flix said “no rea­son­able view­er would have under­stood the line to con­vey a state­ment of fact,” accord­ing to legal doc­u­ments seen by PA, because it was an “entire­ly fic­tion­al work.”

He added that the show’s mil­lions of view­ers would need “a knowl­edge of com­pet­i­tive Sovi­et chess in the 1960s” to under­stand the alleged defamation.

Net­flix sought to have the case thrown out, argu­ing that the First Amend­ment grant­ed broad artis­tic license to the show’s creators.

How­ev­er, on Thurs­day, a Cal­i­for­nia Cen­tral Dis­trict Court judge said there had been no case evi­dence “rul­ing out defama­tion suits for depic­tions of real peo­ple in oth­er­wise fic­tion­al works.”

Adding: “To the con­trary, the fact that the series is a work of fic­tion does not insu­late Net­flix from lia­bil­i­ty for defama­tion if all the ele­ments of defama­tion are oth­er­wise present.”

Gaprindashvil­i’s lawyers not­ed that she actu­al­ly became the first woman in his­to­ry to receive the hon­or and rank of inter­na­tion­al chess grandmaster.

“Dur­ing [Gaprindashvil­i’s] career, she suf­fered severe prej­u­dice because she was a woman and often the only woman to com­pete among men,” they wrote in court doc­u­ments filed in the Unit­ed States.

“When the series aired, sev­er­al media out­lets and var­i­ous neti­zens com­ment­ed on the inac­cu­ra­cy of the line.”

Gaprindashvili, accord­ing to the doc­u­ment, believes that the show “mis­rep­re­sent­ed one of (his) most impor­tant pro­fes­sion­al achieve­ments… in front of mil­lions of view­ers around the world” and also “tar­nished (his) per­son­al and pro­fes­sion­al reputation. “.

He said his rep­u­ta­tion and brand were “inex­tri­ca­bly linked to his coura­geous efforts to face and defeat esteemed male oppo­nents” at a time when “chess was over­whelm­ing­ly a man’s world”.

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