Donut Connection up for Fat Tuesday

Donut Con­nec­tion own­er Ter­ry Sklad­s­ki says Fat Tues­day means a lot to his customers.

“I think it’s more impor­tant for our cus­tomers,” says Skrad­s­ki. “But I love my cus­tomers, so I only do it once a year on _, so they look for­ward to it.”

Accord­ing to Skrad­s­ki, pro­cure­ment of sup­plies has been dif­fi­cult this year.

“This year, we have a short­age of eggs and corn­starch for fill­ings, and fill­ings are very hard to come by,” Skrad­s­ki says. “It used to be $40 for a buck­et of eggs, now it’s $120.”

Nev­er­the­less, accord­ing to Skrad­s­ki, pack cook­ies come in a wide vari­ety of flavors.

“We have eight fla­vors this year,” says Rasp­ber­ry Apple, Black Rasp­ber­ry, Straw­ber­ry, Lemon, Bavarois, Boston Cream, Vanil­la and Choco­late Angel. ”

Skrad­s­ki says he’s grate­ful for the sup­port he’s get­ting for the “Fat Tues­day” hustle.

“I have employ­ees who worked there 20 years ago to help out.” “My man­ag­er and employ­ees are amazing.

Skrad­s­ki also said that if he had to pick a favorite patz­ki fla­vor, it would be rasp­ber­ry apple.

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