A Southwest flight is forced to make an emergency landing after its engine catches fire due to a bird strike

A South­west Air­lines flight to Flori­da turned into a ter­ri­fy­ing hellscape after a bird hit the engine and the cab­in filled with smoke.

Flight 3923 from Havana to Ford Laud­erdale had to make an emer­gency land­ing after its engine caught fire short­ly after take­off on Sunday.

Footage from the plane showed pan­icked pas­sen­gers with their oxy­gen masks down and par­ents try­ing to help their children.

Not all of the masks were removed prop­er­ly, and some des­per­ate­ly banged on the ceil­ing with bloody fists.

Pas­sen­ger Steven Rodriguez told NBC 6 that there was a “loud, explo­sion-like sound” before smoke filled the cab­in and the emer­gency lights went on.

Rodriguez told WSVN, “I smelled some­thing burnt and my face hurt. My eyes were red. My chest was hot.

The Boe­ing 737 has only one engine and the intre­pid pilot made a safe emer­gency land­ing at Cuba’s Jose Mar­ti Airport.

The Lufthansa flight car­ry­ing Matthew McConaugh­ey’s wife, Cami­la Alves, has fall­en from a height of 1,200 meters.

“On Sun­day morn­ing, South­west Flight 3923 en route from Havana, Cuba to Fort Laud­erdale, Flori­da suf­fered a bird strike to the engine and nose short­ly after take­off,” a South­west Air­lines spokesper­son said.

Rodriguez said safe­ty mea­sures such as face masks pro­vid­ed for pas­sen­gers did not help.

Rodriguez told NBC6, “Peo­ple start­ed tap­ping on the ceil­ing with their hands to remove their masks.

Some were cov­ered in blood after hit­ting the ceil­ing. There were also small chil­dren and old women on the plane.

None of the 147 pas­sen­gers and 6 crew mem­bers were injured and the pas­sen­gers were able to dis­em­bark safe­ly at Mar­ti Airport.

When the plane land­ed, the cap­tain was praised and applaud­ed by the travelers.

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