CINEMA: Batman will double its huge box office budget worldwide in one week.

Warn­er Bros. cer­tain­ly has a hit on its hands as Bat­man’s world­wide box office has already dou­bled its bud­get in just one week. The lat­est incar­na­tion of the caped cru­sad­er received strong reviews from crit­ics and audi­ences and earned $134 mil­lion in its first three days. The film also had an impres­sive world­wide debut of $258 mil­lion, mak­ing it one of the biggest open­ings since the­aters closed due to the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic in March 2020.

Even though Bat­man has always been a big mon­ey­mak­er for Warn­er Bros., there was cer­tain­ly some hes­i­ta­tion in the air about the film’s release, par­tic­u­lar­ly in ear­ly 2022 as COVID cas­es began to rise and that it seemed more and more movie­go­ers were less con­fi­dent about return­ing to the­aters. While ini­tial esti­mates had The Bat­man’s bud­get at $100 mil­lion, the film’s final bud­get was found to be dou­ble the orig­i­nal esti­mate at $200 mil­lion, mak­ing it one of the Bat­man movies. the most expen­sive. With Dis­ney pulling the Pixar movie Turn­ing Red from the­aters in favor of a Dis­ney+ stream­ing release, it looks like The Bat­man would con­tin­ue its box office dominance.

Accord­ing to Dead­line, The Bat­man has already recouped dou­ble its bud­get with­in a week of its release, hav­ing grossed $296 mil­lion world­wide in one week, includ­ing $172 mil­lion domes­ti­cal­ly. The film is expect­ed to take the No. 1 spot domes­ti­cal­ly for the sec­ond week­end in a row, with a pro­ject­ed open­ing week­end of $66 mil­lion, and glob­al­ly is expect­ed to exceed $400 mil­lion world­wide, dou­ble the $200 mil­lion spent by Warn­er Bros. For the movie. . It should be not­ed that The Bat­man has not yet been released in Chi­na, and as of this time it will not be released in Rus­sia as Warn­er Bros. pulled the film from release in the coun­try after the inva­sion of Ukraine.

If esti­mates hold, Bat­man’s world­wide box office in just one week will put it above Bat­man Begins’ world­wide gross ($373 mil­lion). While that was sev­en­teen years ago and at a very dif­fer­ent time at the box office, this film had to over­come the stig­ma left behind by Bat­man and Robin. Still, even com­pared to oth­er recent DC movies, The Bat­man is a hit. With­out major com­pe­ti­tion for the next two weeks at the box office, The Bat­man will like­ly sur­pass the world­wide totals of 2017’s Jus­tice League ($657 mil­lion) and 2013’s Man of Steel ($668 million).

With The Bat­man a box office hit, it now looks like a sequel announce­ment is like­ly any day now. Warn­er Bros. has already ordered the series from spin-off show The Pen­guin with Col­in Far­rell for HBO Max and is work­ing on an Arkham Asy­lum series. With Warn­er Bros. hav­ing delayed and reshuf­fled many of their DC movie release dates, this could set the stage for a sequel release. It will be inter­est­ing to see if Warn­er Bros. keep the March release date for a sequel because it was ben­e­fi­cial for The Bat­man or move it to the more tra­di­tion­al sum­mer release date in which the fran­chise found great success.

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