CINEMA: Moses J Moseley dead at 31 — Walking Dead star dies mysteriously.

Moses, who played one of the zom­bies on the hit series, was found in the Hud­son Bridge neigh­bor­hood of Stock­bridge, Geor­gia on Wednes­day, accord­ing to his family.

Moses’ fam­i­ly revealed that they had not heard from him since last week.

It’s unclear how the actor’s body end­ed up there or if there was foul play.

Fam­i­ly mem­bers told TMZ they had not heard from the star since last Sun­day, as they checked local hos­pi­tals but could not find him.

A miss­ing per­son report was filed on Wednes­day and they con­tact­ed OnStar to find him, even­tu­al­ly dis­cov­er­ing his body.

Moses’ man­ag­er Tabatha Minchew said of the TV star: “He was loved by every­one who met him. Such a shin­ing light in every­one’s eyes.”

Many fans flocked to Moses’ lat­est Insta­gram post which fea­tured him par­tic­i­pat­ing in the 10 Year Challenge.

One per­son wrote, “I will miss you my friend. Rest in peace,” while anoth­er added, “I’m lost! This one real­ly shook up our Walk­ing Dead family!”

Anoth­er agreed and replied: “Yeah for sure. I’m so heart­bro­ken I cried all day.”

Many oth­er fans took to Twit­ter to pay their respects to the young actor as one wrote: “I have no words for this today. Just tears. The world just isn’t going well. not well — RIP.”

Moses has always been grate­ful to his fans as in a pre­vi­ous inter­view he made sure to let them know how much he appre­ci­ates them.

He said at the time: “I love you all, you are all amaz­ing and thank you so much for the support.”

Moses added in anoth­er inter­view, “I had no idea my involve­ment with The Walk­ing Dead would turn out to be so impor­tant and it’s been such an hon­or to be able to go to con­ven­tions and meet dif­fer­ent fans…”

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