FOOTBALL: Manchester United fans leave the Etihad before half-time, Sir Alex Ferguson disgusted in the stands

Man­ches­ter Unit­ed fans left the Eti­had before half-time after anoth­er night­mare 45 minutes.

But for­mer direc­tor Sir Alex Fer­gu­son had to watch the col­lapse with a look of light­ning on his face.

Pep Guardi­o­la’s men scored four first-half goals in a der­by that com­plete­ly thrashed United.

Erling Haa­land and Phil Foden scored two goals each to cut through the Unit­ed defense.

Sky Sports cam­eras showed for­mer Unit­ed boss Fer­gu­son look­ing down in the stands, very dis­gust­ed by what hap­pened on the pitch.

The Scot, who was in charge dur­ing a 6–1 defeat at Old Traf­ford in 2011, prob­a­bly want­ed to join the fans leav­ing the stadium.

Drone footage showed a group of Red Dev­il fans leav­ing through the turn­stiles at the away ground.

At half-time, which was rem­i­nis­cent of Brent­ford, Eric ten Hug felt help­less after four balls flew past David De Gea.

In the 7th minute, Foden fired a pow­er­ful shot that flowed into the top cor­ner with a flu­id move.

Haa­land head­ed in the 34th minute.

Three min­utes lat­er, Kevin De Bruyne deliv­ered a per­fect pass that the Nor­we­gian slot­ted into the net for a sec­ond goal.

And the fourth goal was anoth­er great repro­duc­tion of City’s foot­ball, with Haa­land slid­ing the ball to Foden and slot­ting it into the goal at the far post.

Ten min­utes into the sec­ond half, how­ev­er, tick­et buy­ers who left ear­ly missed a spec­tac­u­lar goal from Antho­ny that gave Unit­ed a glim­mer of hope.

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