MUSIC: Cardi B gives her husband Offset $ 2 million for his 30th birthday.

Off­set has just been enriched by 2 mil­lion dol­lars !! That’s … after Car­di B gave her a big check at her celebri­ty sneak­er-themed birth­day party.

Off­set turned the big one 3–0 ear­li­er this month, and last night he and Car­di turned things around by writ­ing her hus­band a check for $ 2 mil­lion … dur­ing a night filled with cash. , drinks and lots and lots of twerk.

Now she’s also look­ing to help her man branch out … Car­di says the $ 2 mil­lion check for Off­set is seed mon­ey for some big busi­ness ven­tures he’ll be set­ting up in 2022.

It’s the trend in show biz these days… oth­er impor­tant peo­ple are inflat­ing the wal­lets of their loved ones. Remem­ber, Tiffany Had­dish’s wish­list was real estate, and so was Car­di. Invest­ments are the new Lambo !!!

But, back to the par­ty… Car­di and Off­set weren’t the only big names in the fore­ground… Kanye, The Game, Take­off, French and Qua­vo also attend­ed last night’s event.

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