MUSIC: My brother Michael Jackson called me pig, cow and bitch. I laughed about it but deep down it hurt, says Janet Jackson.

JANET Jack­son has first shared how her super­star broth­er, Michael, shamed her when she was young, leav­ing her with painful body image issues.

The Rhythm Nation singer says, “There were times when Mike teased and insult­ed me.” . . “Pig, horse, slut or pig, cow”.

Janet Jack­son has first told how her super­star broth­er Michael shamed her when she was young.

Janet says Michael would tease her by call­ing her: ‘Pig, horse, bitch or pig, cow’

“He was laugh­ing about it and I was laugh­ing too, but there was some­where deep inside me that it hurt.

“When some­one says you’re too heavy, it affects you.”

She makes the emo­tion­al reveal in a shock­ing self-titled four-parter due to air on Sky Doc­u­men­taries and Now TV from Monday.

The doc­u­men­tary series, which she spent five years mak­ing, reveals how she has strug­gled with her weight since the age of ten, when she land­ed the role of aban­doned girl Pen­ny on the Amer­i­can sit­com Good Times.

Janet, 55, explains: “I’m an emo­tion­al eater, so when I’m stressed or some­thing is real­ly both­er­ing me, it com­forts me.

“I did Good Times and that was the start of the weight issues and the way I looked at myself.

“I was grow­ing at a very young age and start­ed get­ting chest and they were tying it down so I looked flatter.”

When asked if it would be dif­fer­ent if she was­n’t in the pub­lic eye, she adds, “I prob­a­bly would have end­ed up not hav­ing a problem.”

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