Manchester United equalizes and make a spectacular Manchester derby comeback

Pep Guardi­o­la went astray and Man­ches­ter City suf­fered one of the best and most incred­i­ble defeats of the Old Traf­ford derby.

With just over 10 min­utes remain­ing, City, who had been on the back foot, took the lead three min­utes after com­ing off the bench with a head­er from Jack Grealish.

But two goals in three min­utes turned the tide and showed that Unit­ed might have some­thing to say in the title fight.

How­ev­er, the match was con­tro­ver­sial after Bruno Fer­nan­des fired Unit­ed’s equal­iz­er, infu­ri­at­ing Guardi­o­la and the entire City team.

Mar­cus Rash­ford was clear­ly off­side when Casemiro sent a long ball in search of City’s midfield.

How­ev­er, he did not touch the ball, allow­ing Fer­nan­dez to equal­ize by knock­ing Eder­son down, and chair umpire Stu­art Atwell soon con­sult­ed Linesman.

And when VAR ref­er­ee Michael Oliv­er checked again, the goal was point­ed and Old Traf­ford went wild.

City right­ly argued that Manuel Akan­ji could not touch the ball with Rash­ford alone, regard­less of whether Rash­ford touched it or not.

Strict­ly speak­ing, that is also true. How­ev­er, accord­ing to the rules of the game, the goal had to be scored and Guardi­o­la was furi­ous at the touchline.

As did a few min­utes lat­er when Erling Haa­land col­lapsed in the box claim­ing that Casemiro had tak­en the Nor­we­gian’s leg.

The Brazil­ian actu­al­ly saved the sit­u­a­tion by toe­ing the ball, but by then Unit­ed had already tak­en the lead.

Rash­ford, who scored his eighth goal in sev­en games in a row, was no sur­prise again.

Ale­jan­dro Gar­na­cho sent a cross into the box on the sec­ond try.

Then Rash­ford beat Eder­son from the front of the area and scored the win­ning goal.

City had to blame them­selves after a dis­ap­point­ing Unit­ed goal.

Again, Arse­nal are like­ly to be eight points behind after tomor­row’s game against Spurs.

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