The FA launches an investigation after suspicious bets in FA Cup match between Oxford United and Arsenal

The FA has launched an invesĀ­tiĀ­gaĀ­tion into susĀ­piĀ­cious bets in Oxford UnitĀ­edā€™s FA Cup third-round defeat to Arsenal.

League One side Oxford lost 3ā€“0 to the GunĀ­ners on Monday.

The DaiĀ­ly Mail reports that the FA is invesĀ­tiĀ­gatĀ­ing the susĀ­piĀ­cious bet.

AccordĀ­ing to Sky Sports, the FA is reviewĀ­ing eviĀ­dence handĀ­ed to them after the game.

ArseĀ­nal were put ahead by Mohamed ErneĀ­ny before equalĀ­izĀ­ing with a douĀ­ble from Eddie Nketiah.

ArseĀ­nal star Bukayo Saka limped in the 75th minute, leavĀ­ing ArseĀ­nal fans worĀ­ried about his injury.

HowĀ­evĀ­er, manĀ­agĀ­er Mikel ArteĀ­ta admitĀ­ted the playĀ­er was ā€œfineā€ after the 3ā€“0 win.

ā€œHeā€™s fine, heā€™s fine,ā€ the Spaniard told ITV of Saka.

PreĀ­mier League leadĀ­ers ArseĀ­nal will face ManĀ­chesĀ­ter City in the FA Cup fourth round.

MeanĀ­while, ManĀ­chesĀ­ter UnitĀ­ed will face ReadĀ­ing at Old Trafford.

ArseĀ­nalā€™s fiercest rivals TotĀ­tenĀ­ham will also face a chamĀ­piĀ­onship side.

The Spurs travĀ­el to DeepĀ­dale to face PreĀ­ston North End.

The Wolves-LivĀ­erĀ­pool winĀ­ner will face Brighton next week.

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