Why Ederson wasn’t sent off for Manchester City’s Premier League win over Arsenal ?

Man­ches­ter City goal­keep­er Eder­son has been spared a red card when he con­ced­ed a penal­ty against Arse­nal, even though he had already received a caution.

In the match, Eder­son was first cau­tioned for wast­ing time in the 36th minute, when Kevin De Bruyne scored with a lob and City were ahead 1–0.

But when Eder­son col­lid­ed with Eddie Nke­ti­ah and ref­er­ee Antho­ny Tay­lor point­ed to the penal­ty spot, many Gun­ners fans hoped for a sec­ond yel­low for Ederson.

How­ev­er, Tay­lor did not dis­miss the Brazilian.

Gun­ners fans were out­raged by the deci­sion, but due to the nature of the inci­dent, where Nkia ran into Eder­son and the two col­lid­ed, Tay­lor may have judged the goal­keep­er’s actions to be innocent.

For­mer umpire Chris Foy agreed with Tay­lor’s deci­sion when com­ment­ing on the inci­dent at half­time on Ama­zon Prime Video, say­ing Eder­son­’s actions were “need­less and not reckless.”

He added: “We don’t want [penal­ties like this to be called all the time], but it’s a good deci­sion and it’s the right deci­sion.” That’s why,” he said.

For­mer Arse­nal and City defend­er Gael Clichy, a pun­dit for Ama­zon Prime Video, agrees that Eder­son should not have been sent off.

“As a ref­er­ee, I think a sec­ond yel­low can end the game,” he said.

“Arse­nal fans would like it, but I think it’s wise to take advan­tage of the game.

“No (no doubt about penal­ties), not at all. If a defend­er com­mits a foul like that, it’s a foul, so there’s no excuse.”

“It’s a shame because it was con­trolled and a defend­er saved on the line, but 100% it will be a penalty.

BBC Radio Five Live com­men­ta­tor Chris Sut­ton agrees. “He tried to block the shot or get the ball in front of Eddie Nke­ti­ah but he could­n’t do it and it was a ill-timed tackle.

“I don’t think it was ever a yel­low card.

Saka escaped Eder­son­’s stop and scored from the penal­ty area, but City even­tu­al­ly won 3–1 with goals from Jack Gre­al­ish and Erling Haa­land in the sec­ond half.

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