Fans praise Cristiano Ronaldo for his sensational assist against Al Nassr

Fans have been prais­ing Cris­tiano Ronal­do for his sen­sa­tion­al assist against Al Nassr last week.

Ronal­do, 38, scored his 61st hat-trick with four goals last week.

But Ronal­do proved he can still make incred­i­ble pass­es with his lat­est assist against Al Ta’awun in the Sau­di Ara­bi­an Pro League.

Ronal­do with the ball in the mid­dle of the Al-Nassr defense finds Abdur­rah­man Ghaleb, a wing run­ning on the left side, and goes to Ronaldo.

Ronal­do sends a first pass towards FW Abdur­rah­man Gareb run­ning on the left side.

Gal­ib dodged a falling defend­er as he head­ed for the goal, over the head of goal­keep­er Mail­son and into the cor­ner of the goal.

And fans will be quick to rec­og­nize the for­mer Man­ches­ter Unit­ed ace’s goal-scor­ing contribution.

One said, “He’s the great­est play­mak­er of all time, if he wants to.”

Also, “crazy ball”.

A third com­ment­ed, “That pass was sublime.”

There was also a com­ment “A beauty”.

Ronal­do then scored his sec­ond assist of the game, help­ing the side to a 2–1 win, but it was a far cry from their tra­di­tion­al style.

As the ball was head­ed for goal, the Por­tuguese star found space on the side of the goal.

But the ball ric­o­cheted off his leg and hit team-mate Abdul­lah Madou’s boot, who kicked the ball into the back of the net.

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