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Manchester United stars are intimidated by Cristiano Ronaldo according to Gabriel Agbonlahor.

Gabriel Agbon­la­hor has hint­ed that three Man­ches­ter Unit­ed stars are “afraid” of Cris­tiano Ronal­do after the spe­cial­ist crit­i­cized the Por­tuguese for “sulk­ing” in the Red Dev­ils’ 1–1 draw at Newcastle.

Unit­ed pro­vid­ed a poor per­for­mance at St James’ Park on Mon­day night, with 36-year-old Ronal­do unable to find a win­ner as Ralf Rang­nick­’s side were con­tent with one point at Tyneside.

For­mer Unit­ed leg­end Gary Neville has claimed the Red Dev­ils lock­er room con­tained ‘hand­bags’ and ques­tioned the body lan­guage of Ronal­do and Bruno Fernandes.

Gabriel Agbon­la­hor claimed three Man Unit­ed stars were ‘afraid’ of Cris­tiano Ronaldo

And now for­mer Aston Vil­la star Agbon­la­hor has sug­gest­ed that Mar­cus Rash­ford, Mason Green­wood and Jadon San­cho are intim­i­dat­ed by the Por­tuguese superstar.

Ronal­do has scored 13 stun­ning goals in 18 games for Unit­ed, but his deter­mined approach to the goal, Agbon­la­hor sug­gests, is hav­ing a neg­a­tive effect on Unit­ed’s young players.

“It seems to me that Ronal­do only cares about his goals,” Agbon­la­hor told Foot­ball Insid­er. “This per­for­mance by Ronal­do was some­one who sulked the whole game.

“He was throw­ing his hands up because he did­n’t stand a chance. Then after the match, he leaves the field sulk­ing and I imag­ine he sulks in the lock­er room.

The Por­tuguese have been crit­i­cized for ‘snub­bing’ dur­ing and after Unit­ed’s 1–1 draw at Newcastle

Ronal­do, 36, has scored 13 goals in 18 games since return­ing to Old Traf­ford last sum­mer
“His atti­tude was bad. If I’m Rash­ford, Green­wood, and San­cho I’m afraid I’m going to have a chance. Every time they have a hit, he has his arms raised to say, “Why did­n’t you pass me on?” ”

“Har­mo­ny is not right in this lock­er room. Rash­ford and Green­wood’s form has gone down since Ronal­do has been here.

“They can’t speak, it’s like they’re think­ing, ‘I have to move on to Ronal­do, I have to cre­ate a chance for Ronaldo.’

“Before Ronal­do came in, Green­wood was tak­ing play­ers and shoot­ing at them and he does­n’t do it any­more and gets dragged out at halftime.

“If I was Rash­ford or Green­wood or San­cho I would have been like, ‘Oh, why did we have to bring him here? ”

How­ev­er, Agbon­la­hor claims that Mason Green­wood (above), Mar­cus Rash­ford and Jadon San­cho are intim­i­dat­ed by Ronal­do’s goal ambitions.

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