SPORT: Football Roman Abramovich wants to sell Chelsea for more than 3 BILLION euros and may negotiate days after Russia invades Ukraine

March 2, 2022, 2:20 pm

Sun­Sport admits that Abramovich has approached a group of Amer­i­can financiers who were pre­vi­ous­ly inter­est­ed in sports own­er­ship deals to see if they could elim­i­nate the real bidders.

The news comes as Swiss bil­lion­aire Han­sjorg Wyss claimed that he had already been approached by Abramovich.

Wyss, an 86-year-old busi­ness­man who now lives in Wyoming in the Unit­ed States, told the Blick news­pa­per, “Abramovich is one of Vladimir Putin’s clos­est advis­ers and friends.

“Like all oth­er oli­garchs, he is also in a panic.

“Abramovich is try­ing to sell all his vil­las in Eng­land. He also wants to get rid of Chelsea quickly.

“I and three oth­er peo­ple received an offer on Tues­day to buy Chelsea from Abramovich.”

Wyss added, “I have to wait four to five days now. Abramovich is cur­rent­ly ask­ing for way too much. You know, Chelsea owes him 2 bil­lion euros.

“But Chelsea has no mon­ey. This means that who­ev­er buys Chelsea should com­pen­sate Abramovich.

“To date, we do not know the exact sale price.

“I can imag­ine myself start­ing at Chelsea with part­ners. But first I have to look at the gen­er­al conditions.

“What I can already say is this: I am cer­tain­ly not doing some­thing like this on my own. If I buy Chelsea, it would be with a con­sor­tium of six to sev­en investors.

The club declined to com­ment on the devel­op­ment, but it appears that Abramovich is now look­ing to cash in his Chelsea chips.

Labour MP Chris Bryant told the Com­mons that Abramovich was also try­ing to sell his Lon­don man­sion for €182 mil­lion, sug­gest­ing that he want­ed to liq­ui­date all his UK assets before any sanctions.

Abramovich has lent Chelsea €1.9 bil­lion through the Ford­stam hold­ing com­pa­ny, although he has shown no signs of demand­ing repay­ment while pre­vi­ous offers of up to €2.2 bil­lion were reject­ed out of hand.

But Abramovich now seems to be feel­ing the heat, aware that sanc­tions imposed would pre­vent any com­pa­ny from deal­ing with him.

Poten­tial suit­ors believe the oli­garch may be look­ing to cash in his Blues chips as the Russ­ian-Ukrain­ian fall­out con­tin­ues to drag him down.

Chelsea and sources close to Abramovich have always denied that he has any inten­tion of sell­ing the club he bought in 2003.

But the scruti­ny direct­ed at the bil­lion­aire fol­low­ing the Russ­ian inva­sion of Ukraine forced Abramovich to relin­quish day-to-day con­trol of the Blues.

And that has now encour­aged poten­tial buy­ers to tempt him into a cut-rate deal to recoup some of his money.

Abramovich has loaned the club €1.9 bil­lion through the Ford­stam hold­ing com­pa­ny, although he has shown no signs of demand­ing repayment.

Pre­vi­ous sur­veys of offers up to 2.6 bil­lion euros were reject­ed out of hand.

Wyss found­ed med­ical device mak­er Syn­thes USA in 1977 and sold the com­pa­ny to John­son & John­son for €15.6 bil­lion in 2012.

He has been dubbed one of the most philanthropic.

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