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Wanda Icardi’sex-husband Maxi Lopez set to marry Daniela Christiansson as he moves on from love feud with Mauro.

Maxi Lopez is set to mar­ry girl­friend Daniela Chris­tians­son after mov­ing on from his love tri­an­gle with Mau­ro and Wan­da Icar­di.
The Argen­tine was mar­ried to Wan­da between 2008 and 2013, with the cou­ple hav­ing three chil­dren together.

They resolve after her alleged affair with his youn­gerex-Sam­p­do­ria team- mate Icar­di, in a scan­dal that rocked Ital­ian football.

Lopez had been good pals with Icar­di, hav­ing tak­en his fel­low coun­try­man under his sect fol­low­ing his com­ing at Samp.

The duo vaca­tioned togeth­er and enjoyed a strong rela­tion­ship, before Icardi’s rela­tion­ship with Wan­da came to light.

Lopez, now 37, sep­a­rat­ed Wan­da in Decem­ber 2013-and she went on to mar­ry Mau­ro just six months lat­ter­ly.
Icar­di, 29, moved on to Inter Milan and lat­ter­ly played against his for­mer friend, who famous­ly refused to shake his hand.

The cur­rent PSG strik­er would go on to have the names of Lopez’s three chil­dren tat­tooed on his body, while mak­ing Wan­da his agent.
Lopez snap­pi­ly bounced back and began dat­ing cur­rent lady Daniela in 2014.

Answer­ing ques­tions on Insta­gram, the entre­pre­neur and mod­el attest­ed that they’re set to mar­ry in the future.

Asked when the mar­riage will be, she replied“In a many years.”

She also ver­i­fied that she plans to have chil­dren with Lopez.

The­ex-Barcelona for­ward bla­zoned his with­draw­al from foot­ball last time, fol­low­ing a swan­song sea­son with Serie C side Sambenedettese.

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