“Man United Fans Among the Premier League’s Worst for Leaving Early, New Study Suggests”

Man United Fans Among the Premier League's Worst for Leaving Early_Old TraffordStadium almost empty during a match

A recent sur­vey of over 1,300 foot­ball fans in the UK has uncov­ered some inter­est­ing insights into which fan­bas­es may be more like­ly to head for the exits before the final whistle. 

Accord­ing to the results col­lect­ed by Bet­fair and YouGov, Man­ches­ter Unit­ed sup­port­ers topped the list — but they were far from the only fans who have been known to seek an ear­ly exit from match­es on occasion.

While hard­ly sur­pris­ing giv­en their sec­ond-place rank­ing for longest stop­page time added per match on aver­age, the data found that near­ly a quar­ter of fans polled across var­i­ous teams admit­ted to hav­ing left at least one game ear­ly last sea­son. For Unit­ed sup­port­ers, beat­ing traf­fic seemed to be a pri­ma­ry moti­vat­ing factor.

Arse­nal and Man­ches­ter City fol­lowed the Red Dev­ils at sec­ond and third, respec­tive­ly, in the stand­ings of fans most prone to mak­ing a swift depar­ture. Tot­ten­ham, Chelsea, Ever­ton, and Liv­er­pool round­ed out the top six teams in this cat­e­go­ry. Per­haps coun­ter­in­tu­itive­ly, Mersey­side rivals Liv­er­pool edged out Ever­ton, while Celtic sup­port­ers report­ed­ly exit ear­li­er than Rangers fans on aver­age as well.

When asked their thoughts on fans who choose to miss the clos­ing moments, a plu­ral­i­ty of respon­dents claimed to not be both­ered either way. How­ev­er, around 10% of Arse­nal back­ers admit­ted they may mock those­who don’t stick around for the final whis­tle. Curi­ous­ly, 2% also pro­posed that ear­ly-leavers should be praised instead of scolded.

This week­end’s high­ly antic­i­pat­ed Arse­nal-Man Unit­ed match may pro­vide an oppor­tu­ni­ty to see if either set of sup­port­ers makes a bee­line for the park­ing lots if their team’s result is decid­ed­ly set­tled well before full time. With traf­fic and delays always a con­cern, some fans will no doubt con­tin­ue exer­cis­ing their pref­er­ence for an ear­ly start to the jour­ney home.

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