PSG Declares Total War on Superstar Mbappé After Contract Betrayal — Shirts Banned, Posters Torched

removal of Mbappe poster by workers

Hell hath no fury like a foot­ball club scorned! After super­star strik­er Kylian Mbappé ruth­less­ly betrayed them, French cham­pi­ons PSG have unleashed an all-out assault to erase the turn­coat from club history.

In break­ing news, we can reveal that PSG has launched a vicious cru­sade against Mbap­pé. All mer­chan­dise bear­ing the 24-year-old phe­nom’s name or face has been scrubbed from the PSG super­store. Even shirts of oth­er want­away stars like Mes­si and Ney­mar remain on shelves, but Mbap­pé has been cancelled.

Most shock­ing­ly, PSG has lit­er­al­ly torched posters of their for­mer hero Mbap­pé, incin­er­at­ing his image in a bru­tal dis­play of betray­al. Mbap­pé burnt his bridges by refus­ing a new con­tract and like­ly agree­ing a 2024 deal with rivals Real Madrid.

Now PSG is burn­ing him back, sig­nalling total war against the £250 mil­lion strik­er who was meant to lead them to Cham­pi­ons League glo­ry. Exiled from first-team train­ing and van­ish­ing from club shops, Mbap­pé faces being air­brushed from PSG’s his­to­ry after his dev­as­tat­ing Judas-like treachery.

How will Mbap­pé respond to this scorched earth assault on his lega­cy and sta­tus? Could this saga end with the nuclear option of PSG ter­mi­nat­ing Mbap­pé’s con­tract immediately?

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