Real Madrid Leads Top Clubs in Boycotting Revamped Club World Cup Over Low Prize Money

Real Madrid Leads Top Clubs in Boycotting Revamped Club World Cup Over Low Prize Money
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Euro­pean giants like Real Madrid are poised to snub FIFA’s ambi­tious 32-team Club World Cup expan­sion, accord­ing to man­ag­er Car­lo Ancelot­ti.

The Ital­ian cit­ed mea­ger prize mon­ey as the pri­ma­ry rea­son for their deci­sion. Ancelot­ti revealed that the total offered by FIFA, £17 mil­lion ($21 mil­lion), would­n’t even cov­er the cost of a sin­gle Real Madrid match.

“FIFA seems to for­get that the clubs and play­ers are the foun­da­tion of this tour­na­ment,” Ancelot­ti remarked. “A sin­gle Real Madrid game gen­er­ates more rev­enue than their entire prize pool. This is unacceptable.”

Ancelot­ti antic­i­pates a domi­no effect, with oth­er lead­ing clubs like­ly fol­low­ing Madrid’s lead. The revamped Club World Cup, sched­uled for a four-week stint in the US next sum­mer, faces poten­tial wide­spread rejection.

This devel­op­ment deals a sig­nif­i­cant blow to FIFA’s aspi­ra­tions. The gov­ern­ing body envi­sioned the expand­ed tour­na­ment as a rival to the Cham­pi­ons League’s prestige.

How­ev­er, their finan­cial propo­si­tion appears to be a major deter­rent. Pre­mier League and La Liga exec­u­tives have already voiced their dis­ap­proval, accus­ing FIFA of over­bur­den­ing play­ers with a con­gest­ed schedule.

The Pro­fes­sion­al Foot­ballers’ Asso­ci­a­tion (PFA) has tak­en an even stronger stance. PFA boss Maheta Molan­go has threat­ened legal action if FIFA does­n’t recon­sid­er the expan­sion, high­light­ing the “unsus­tain­able” work­load it cre­ates for players.

With top clubs unwill­ing to par­tic­i­pate, FIFA may be forced to revis­it the for­mat and prize struc­ture of the revamped Club World Cup. Only a sig­nif­i­cant finan­cial revamp seems like­ly to attract the world’s elite teams.

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