VAR in the bin? Prem clubs to vote on ditching the tech for 2024/25 season

Is VAR getting scrapped in the Premier League? Wolves lead the charge to remove the video referee system after a season of dodgy calls. ⚽️ Will English football ditch VAR for good? The outcome of this vote could change the game! #PremierLeague #VAR #Football #RefWatch
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Is VAR get­ting the red card? Pre­mier League teams are vot­ing on scrap­ping the Video Assis­tant Ref­er­ee (VAR) sys­tem for next sea­son (2024/25) after a TON of con­tro­ver­sial calls. Wolves, who’ve been hit hard by bad VAR deci­sions, want it GONE.

The vote hap­pens next month at the Pre­mier League’s AGM. If they wan­na ditch VAR, 14 out of 20 clubs got­ta agree (that’s a lot of thumbs down!). Wolves say VAR is killing goal cel­e­bra­tions, frus­trat­ing fans with long checks, and STILL mak­ing mis­takes. ‍♂️

Remem­ber that off­side call that robbed Luis Diaz of a goal for Liv­er­pool? off­side­goal? What about Not­ting­ham For­est denied penal­ties? ✋ And Wolves not get­ting one when Onana wiped out Kala­jdz­ic? These are just a FEW of the VAR blun­ders this season.

The Prem League says they’ll dis­cuss VAR’s future next month. This tech was sup­posed to make calls fair­er, but EVERYONE hates it — fans, play­ers, man­agers, you name it! So, will the Prem ditch VAR com­plete­ly? The vote’s com­ing, and it could change ref­er­ee­ing in Eng­lish foot­ball FOREVER. Stay tuned!

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