FOOTBALL: Harry Maguire takes another blow from the England squad

Harry Maguire will be out for nearly two weeks, another blow for defenders

Har­ry Maguire will be out for near­ly two weeks, anoth­er blow for defenders.

The Man­ches­ter Unit­ed cap­tain, 29, suf­fered a thigh injury as Eng­land drew 3–3 with Germany.

On Mon­day, he played 90 min­utes at Wem­b­ley despite being injured, before being seen limp­ing out of the stadium.

Due to the sever­i­ty of his leg injury, Maguire will be out for some time.

Unit­ed face rivals Man­ches­ter City at the Eti­had on Sun­day before trav­el­ing to Ever­ton for Europa League side Omo­nia on 9 October.

In any case, Maguire has been left out of the Red Dev­ils’ recent start­ing line-up, with Eric Ten­hag favor­ing the cen­ter-back duo of ‘leader’ Rafael Varane and Lisan­dro Martinez.

How­ev­er, Maguire, who is busy train­ing for the World Cup, is like­ly to have played against Omo­nia in Cyprus.

The Eng­land defend­er had a dif­fi­cult night.

He was booed by the home crowd before kick-off and then got involved in two goals as Ger­many extend­ed their lead to 2–0.

To make mat­ters worse, he end­ed up plagued with mus­cle prob­lems in the sec­ond half.

Cap­tain Har­ry Kane has dealt with the injury while sup­port­ing his teammates.

Kane said, “Per­son­al mis­take, he will do a fist pump.

“But we are a team and we sup­port each oth­er. ‘They have learned from it, they have moved on and they have been great for us every time they put on the Eng­land shirt.

“H had a pret­ty bad injury at the end, but he played anoth­er five or ten min­utes most­ly on one leg. His char­ac­ter is great.

Maguire, who was spot­ted limp­ing off after a 3–3 draw in the Nations League, took to social media to apol­o­gize for the “mis­take”.

Despite his per­for­mance, Maguire has the endorse­ment of Gary Neville, who advised him to seek psy­cho­log­i­cal help from an out­side expert.

Neville said, “When he lost his con­fi­dence, he went to see a psy­chol­o­gist to help him with that.”

He went to see the chief physi­cian of “Man­ches­ter Unit­ed”. That was the rea­son why he went to see a psy­chi­a­trist. Some­times we need out­side help.

“Har­ry is hav­ing a hard time. Poor thing he did.

“But he’s a sol­id char­ac­ter and he has a good fam­i­ly at Man­ches­ter Unit­ed and peo­ple around him who want to help him.

“Don’t for­get that it’s a dif­fi­cult time for Har­ry, but all he can do is show up, do his best and don’t give up.”

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