Google unveils a new ‘secret phrase’ that unlocks the hidden function when entered

Google has announced a new East­er egg that can be unlocked with a spe­cial phrase.

Sim­ply click on the cor­rect code­name to unlock nifty fea­tures that TV fans will love.

All you have to do is search The Man­dalo­ri­an on Google.

If you look at the bot­tom right of the screen, you’ll see Grogg (a.k.a. Baby Yoda).

It works on mobile (includ­ing iPhone and Android) and desktop.

Go ahead, tap and click Baby Yoda and have fun.

Grogg will use the Force to slow­ly start tear­ing down and destroy­ing Google’s search results page.

In this case the force is clear­ly very strong.

It’s unclear how long this East­er egg will last, so give it a chance while it’s available.

Google added this new fea­ture in hon­or of the recent pre­miere of the third sea­son of The Mandalorian.

The hit Dis­ney+ series returns on March 1 with Episode 17: The Apostate.

And the sec­ond episode of the new sea­son will air on March 8th.

HBO favorite Pedro Pas­cal returns as The Man­dalo­ri­an, along­side the like­able and pow­er­ful Grog.

Google reg­u­lar­ly cel­e­brates impor­tant cul­tur­al moments with fun East­er eggs.

Ear­li­er this year, we added a sim­i­lar East­er egg for fans of HBO’s The Last of Us.

Try search­ing for “The Last of Us” in your search engine.

You will see a small red mush­room icon at the bot­tom of the page.

Tap it and spooky mush­rooms will fill the screen.

If you keep tap­ping, the screen will be filled with more and more mushrooms.

This is sup­posed to be Cordy­ceps, a real-world fun­gus that has been adapt­ed into The Last of Us franchise.

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