In 2022, smartphone shipments drop to the lowest level in 10 years

PC mak­ers aren’t the only ones cast­ing a dark shad­ow in 2022. Accord­ing to Canalys esti­mates, smart­phone ship­ments fell 11% year-on-year, the worst result in a decade.

The fourth quar­ter was even worse, with ship­ments down 17% from the end of 2021. It was also the worst fourth quar­ter in a decade, accord­ing to analysts.

Many of the indus­try’s heavy­weights were also hit hard. In 2022, only the two biggest brands, Apple and Sam­sung, will grow their mar­ket share to 19% and 22%, respectively.

Chi­nese rivals Xiao­mi, Oppo and Vivo have retreat­ed. It’s no sur­prise that Apple over­took Sam­sung last quar­ter (the iPhone 14 fam­i­ly was brand new and the Galaxy S22 rel­a­tive­ly old).

But in the fall, Apple had 25% and Sam­sung had “only” 20%. In oth­er words, high-end brands remained stable.

You may already know why the mar­ket crashed. A com­bi­na­tion of tough eco­nom­ic con­di­tions and sup­ply prob­lems has impact­ed demand and cre­at­ed shortages.

Even if you could buy the smart­phone of your dreams, you prob­a­bly had a hard time find­ing it. There­fore, each com­pa­ny held a sale and did its best to attract cus­tomers and clear out unsold inventory.

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