La Liga investigating possible match-fixing in last season’s Copa del Rey

LaLi­ga has con­firmed that it is inves­ti­gat­ing the pos­si­bil­i­ty of a match-fix­ing in last sea­son’s Copa del Rey.

The match in ques­tion was Lev­an­te’s first-round match against Huracán Melil­la (8–0) on Decem­ber 2, 2021, which Lev­ante won.

A state­ment issued by the Span­ish league on Mon­day said the sec­ond divi­sion team “Lev­ante is total­ly irrel­e­vant and is not under investigation”.

The inves­ti­ga­tion, con­duct­ed by Melil­la’s Juz­ga­do de Instruc­ción, was ini­ti­at­ed fol­low­ing an anony­mous com­plaint on LaLi­ga’s Com­plaints Channel.

Huracán Melil­la was found­ed in 2020 and plays in the fifth divi­sion of Span­ish foot­ball after being pro­mot­ed last season.

Last year they qual­i­fied for the Copa del Rey for the first time after beat­ing Atarfe Indus­tri­al 2–1 in qualifying.

How­ev­er, that his­to­ry came to an abrupt end when they lost 8–0 at home to Lev­ante, who belonged to La Liga at the time.

The rea­sons for this defeat are cur­rent­ly under investigation.

An unsus­pect­ing Lev­ante lost to Arcol­lano in the next match, with Real Betis beat­ing Valen­cia on penal­ties in the final.

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