Adult Star Reveals the “Perfect” Penis Size for Performers and Partners

Adult Star Reveals the "Perfect" Penis Size for Performers and Partners
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In a sur­pris­ing rev­e­la­tion, one of the UK’s top-earn­ing adult film stars, Belle Olivia, has shared the “per­fect” penis size that she and her fel­low per­form­ers pre­fer, dis­pelling the myth that big­ger is always better.

Accord­ing to the 21-year-old star, the ide­al length is around 6.5 inch­es, with a mod­er­ate girth that is not too girthy. This, she explains, is the per­fect fit for petite per­form­ers like her­self, as larg­er mem­bers can cause dis­com­fort and dif­fi­cul­ties dur­ing filming.

“There’s no way big is always bet­ter,” Olivia stat­ed. “Because me and a lot of oth­er girls in the indus­try are so short and petite, that can be a real dis­ad­van­tage as it gets sore for us when we’re mak­ing our content.”

The Man­ches­ter-based adult star, who has amassed a sub­stan­tial for­tune through her con­tent cre­ation, stressed that this pref­er­ence extends to their per­son­al rela­tion­ships as well. “That’s also what we want from our boyfriends, by the way,” she added.

Olivi­a’s can­did com­ments chal­lenge the preva­lent per­cep­tion in the adult indus­try that big­ger is always bet­ter. She empha­sizes that a “boyfriend penis” is what per­form­ers and their part­ners tru­ly desire, rather than the excep­tion­al endow­ments often depict­ed in main­stream porn.

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