Pregnant Fitness Coach Finds Clever Way to Deter Flirtatious Men at the Gym

Pregnant Fitness Coach Finds Clever Way to Deter Flirtatious Men at the Gym
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A preg­nant fit­ness coach has gone viral for reveal­ing her unique tac­tic to ward off unwant­ed advances from men at the gym — her mas­sive baby bump.

Maria, who is expect­ing twins, shared a Tik­Tok video explain­ing how many men try to hit on her while she’s work­ing out. How­ev­er, she’s found the per­fect solu­tion — sim­ply turn­ing around to reveal her shock­ing­ly large preg­nan­cy belly.

“That’s one way to get rid of them,” Maria joked in the cap­tion, as the video shows her coy­ly smil­ing at the cam­era before spin­ning around to expose her pro­trud­ing, twin-filled midsection.

The fit­ness expert, who has remained active through­out her preg­nan­cy, said any­one telling expec­tant moth­ers they should­n’t work out is wrong. She advis­es just adjust­ing weight rou­tines slight­ly as the baby bump grows.

Maria admit­ted she “still could­n’t believe” she was hav­ing twins, even at her baby show­er. But while some view­ers spec­u­late about the gen­der, most were sim­ply stunned by the size of her belly.

“Noth­ing on plan­et earth could have pre­pared me for that,” one com­menter wrote, with anoth­er adding, “Now I would NEVER have guessed.”

The clever mom-to-be has found an amus­ing way to deter unwant­ed advances and focus on her fit­ness goals dur­ing this spe­cial time. Her viral video has res­onat­ed with oth­er preg­nant women who applaud her abil­i­ty to stay active and confident.

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