Man City 2 Newcastle 0: Premier League champions keep pressure on Arsenal

Bernar­do Sil­va scored a last-minute win for New­cas­tle and Man­ches­ter City nar­rowed the points lead to Arsenal.

Sil­va’s deci­sive strike gave Pep Guardi­o­la’s side the win and marked City’s 1,000th home goal in the Pre­mier League.

The first 160 goals were scored at the old sta­di­um on Main Road and the rest at the Etihad.

But if New­cas­tle had a strong for­ward line like Guardi­o­la’s front, Thun would have left Man­ches­ter with at least one point.

Cal­lum Wil­son missed a great chance in the first half, and Joelin­ton had an even bet­ter chance in the sec­ond half with a side­ways shot from the front of what looked like an easy scor­ing area.

And it took a three-man block from Ruben Diaz, Nathan Ake and, final­ly, goal­keep­er Eder­son to coun­ter­act sub­sti­tute Alexan­der Issak’s goal when the lead was down to one.

Phil Foden scored in the 15th minute after a fine side pass from Rodri.

Foden picked up the ball, knocked down Dan Byrne and ran into the box.

Bruno Guimaraes and Antho­ny Gor­don were eas­i­ly blocked, but Foden struck with his right foot.

Nick Pope would have prob­a­bly blocked, but the ball went past Sven Bot­mann, leav­ing no chance for the Toons keep­er, who returned from sus­pen­sion at Wem­b­ley last week.

Erling Haa­land head­ed in at close range, but sur­pris­ing­ly New­cas­tle start­ed to gain the upper hand, at least in terms of chances.

But once Bernar­do came off the bench and fin­ished a move involv­ing Ake, Foden, Jack Gre­al­ish and Haarand, there was no going back.

Byrne was lucky to be pre­sent­ed with Yel­low, as Byrne was hooked and appeared to turn his feet on the fall­en Greil­ish after assault­ing him.

The show­down between the two giants, Haa­land and Byrne, was hon­est­ly more excit­ing than the match itself.

But in the end it all came to naught. New­castle’s hopes were also dashed.

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