More than 300,000 Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino drinks recalled after glass found in some bottles

Pep­si­Co Inc has announced that it has recalled more than 300,000 Star­bucks cof­fee drinks after glass was found in some of the bottles.

The vol­un­tary recall issued on Jan­u­ary 28 affects 25,200 cas­es of refrig­er­at­ed cof­fee drink Vanil­la Frap­puc­ci­no, the FDA said. Each car­ton con­tains 12 bot­tles, and 302,400 bot­tles are sub­ject to the recall.

The FDA clas­si­fies this recall as Class II, “If the prod­uct has the poten­tial to cause tem­po­rary or med­ical­ly reversible adverse health effects, or the poten­tial for seri­ous adverse health effects is remote, , accord­ing to the agen­cy’s website.

Bot­tles sold by Pep­si­Co nation­wide with expi­ra­tion dates of March 8, May 29, June 4, and June 10 are sub­ject to the recall.

The notice did not say whether there were reports of injuries or how the glass was found. Pep­si­Co did not imme­di­ate­ly respond to a request for comment.

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